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About Me.

I am a software Engineer. Creative, Self-Taught, Generally Curious and Super Driven. I am a near Guru Cloud and Unix User.

I am fluent in dozen of popular languages like Elixir , JavaScript , C-Language and Python . More Details...

I am experienced as well as having fun coding with Frameworks like Phoenix Framework and ExpressJS, Environments like NodeJS and Libraries like ReactsJS and VueJS

SQL Database Design and Administration including Oracle 12c and PostgreSQL. I also have pro skills and experience with NoSQL majorly MongoDB and RethinkDB. I can also do a bit of Elastic Search

Curosity has also made me acquire Knowledge of Linux Virtualization, Conatainers and Computer Network Standards and Protocols. I can do cool stuff with VMware ESXI and Citrix XenServer Virtualization Environments. I can do DataCenters

Vew My GitHub Profile to see More , Social Media Profiles


Here are Some of My Projects

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  • Agency Banking
  • Backends
  • User Interfaces

This is a javascript library for handling the standard ISO 8583 banking message standard. It supports versions 1987, 1993 and 2003. The library is confugurable for user defined formats, message types and encodings.
See the Code on GitHub

This is a ReactJS blogging application that is fully progressive and search engine optimized. This application has rich text support using draftjs.
Check it out

I have done a number of backends including Mobitll, Fupisha, My own Blog and other solutions for various clients.

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Well, a few details of my work experience.

Services I offer

I offer both Software related and System related services.

Software Engineer

Elixir Developer

I have worked on legacy applications written in Elxir and also written some libraries using the language. I have mastered the core features of the language like patternm matching and funtional paradigm. There is alot of love between me an Elixir at the moment.
Check out my GitHub for some of my Elixir work.

JS Developer ~ NodeJS

My GitHub Profile say it all. I have years of experience coding Real Time Web Applications in Nodejs. I have used core NodeJS modules like Net, Events, Streams, http and Sockets to create web applications running on Docker and Kubernetes. I have a clear microservice architecture in my design orientation nd deployment approach that puts me at the startegic point as a software developer who has scale, speed, efficeinecy and cost at heart. My experience has included a wide range of DataBase engines from MongoDB, RethinkDB and Reddis among others.


I am currenly learning Python 3 for Data Science and and Machine Learning. My experience in Python is not much to burgain with but enough to make a difference and growing everyday.

System Administration

Network and Security

Well, let's just say I know alot about DMZs, VLANs, VPNs, Firewalls: pfSense, Endian, ClearOS, UFW, KMS, SSL, TLS, PCI-DSS, WAF, IpTable, Linux, SE-Linux, Cisco, Cloud and a lot other tech. I don't see security that doesn't touch these. I didn't forget to mention cryptography

Server Configuration

I know a lot about Linux. Arch and Gentoo being my favorites. So, Mail Servers, FTP Servers, Databse Servers, Web Servers, Proxy Serves, VPN Servers and DNS Servers are fun. Linux Professional. This does not leave Windows Server out. Really.


Speak of Citrix or VMware. Implementation of ESXI or XenServer Box locally and Remotely. VM installation, Migration, Interconnection, Security, Resource Sharing. I basically know how the hardware layer of Cloud works. I have long relationships AWS, GCP and Server Prontos Clouds


VMWare ESXI, Citrix XenServer, VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation. Implementation of Virtual Environments and Cloud Infrastructure Management

VPNs and SSL

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) technologies mainly IPSEC. Unix implemetation(Site-Site), Cisco IPSEC Implementation

LANs and WANs

Ethernet, OSI Model, OSPF, EIGRP, VLANs, STP, PPPOE, PPPOA, IPsec are among the protocols i can work with. Implementation of scalable subnets and IP Plans, Virtual LANs, Virtual Private Newtorks.

Programming - Coding

Front End Design -UI

I love ReactJS, I have done several frontends in Reactjs like This Blog and Mobitill Dashboard Fyipe and Fupisha are also a dashboard I did in ReactJS. HTML, CSS, SCSS, Webpack, StorybookJS, a little of Angular and Vuejs.

Backend Engineering

This is my favorite. I have couple of years with NodeJS server side programming implementing real time web applications for IoT, payments and other solutions. I am learning Python now.

Pos Applications

I have done C based Point of Sale applications. Here there is EMV and NFC transactions processing. Some of the models I have worked with are by Telpos and Castles. Check out this ISO 8583 JavaScript library for Nodejs that i implemented for banking systems that use the standard.

DataBases SQL-NoSQL


I am an immediate level Oracle 12c Administrator. Able to do optimization, upgrade, configuration, security and Tuning. PostgreSQL and MySQL are members of my club here.


Being a complete fun of NodeJs ServerSide programming, I find it great working with MongoDB and RethinkDB. The combination provides highly scalable applications and systems that are easy to manage, resource saving. I have configured sharded and replicated cluster for both.


For In-Memory databases, I have experienced Redis and Elastic Search for In Memory catching and indexing. I use this for catching, session management and other key value store database requirements that dont need persistent data.

Frame works

Phoenix Framework

I have been exstenssively learning Elxir and its very awesome Phoenix web Framework. I can work with Phoenix channels, ecto database wrapper, structure and general adioms.


Well, I know Node is not a framework, instead its a Runtime Environment for JS. That being said, I have years of Nodejs experience. Just try me. most of my previous projects have been done in NodeJS.


ExpressJS is the defacto web framework for NodeJS.


React is one of the most popular front end development libraries. I have more than 2 years experience doing ReactJS. Check these out This Blog and Mobitill Dashboard Fyipe and Fupisha are also a dashboard I did in ReactJS

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